posted January 3rd, 2012

Achtung baby humans and adult humans alike! All tableau vivant still-lifers have been reassigned to re-education at Camp David. Please vacate space and enter the multiverse to visi-grab the new The Howling Hex moving picture music video, available for viewing mandatory ahora. You will learn how to "read" the media, represented in trite-but-ubiquitous tabloid form (a sample prototype that every American can understand), in order to scan coded messages from God and absorb vibrational knowledge on a variety of histostorio-cultural fronts, including tidbits on JonBenet, the march on Selma to settle thumb wrestling and destructivist futurescapes, to name but a few (it's a six-minute long video, we are forced to summarize!). At an additional cost, easily-accessed documents containing every losing powerball number combination, for all you part time hackers.

After watching the video, please assemble your uniform in time for the event to be determined. This year’s guest speaker is Grandmother from the South and she will be discussing at length how weed is a lot like money. The soundtrack music from the new The Howling Hex album Wilson Semiconductors (which you can buy at the online destination), will be playing on repeat during the entire internment.

Something to look forward to in 2012...