posted January 5th, 2012

AZITA moved some waves in 2011 for GODdamn sure - releasing Disturbing The Air, an LPs-worth of piano and voice composition-waves; playing dates in the US o' A and over the waves into Europe, as well as landing in top ten spots in waves all across the planet - and we're expecting even more of her in 2012! Why shouldn't we? Her muse is clearly peaking and her key-playing and vocal chording is more precise and powerful than ever. AZITA never misses an opportunity to get to the heart of the matter, not even once. If only she would take it easy just once! Or not...after watching the clip below of "What's Going On," a new tune performed live last fall at Cafe Oto but not yet released, even your vexed, distracted (oversexed, gamed-out, stupor-stoned) brain will see it in the clear light: 2012 could be the best year of the AZITA-llennium! Grab your LP+CD copy of Disturbing The Air right right quick if you haven't already - don't want to be the last kid on the block with the latest toy, do you? It's a must have for those who choose to be prepared...for the way music can be in the future, for the ongoing life of the mind, for the new equality, but most pressingly, for the year of AZITA!

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