posted January 6th, 2012

It's been a wicked dry spell of seven years since the filthy unit of Mick Turner, Jim White, and Warren Ellis graced the world with a full-length of any kind. Sure, they've had their hands in many different pies in between then and now, as men are wont to eat fruit from different trees like the evolved chimps they are, but nothing comes close to what occurs when The Dirty Three lock themselves in a room with the tape rolling to milk whatever they can out of each other. This time around, they've discovered the heavens and it's heat source, birthing to the world a brand-spanking new album and gracefully aiming it straight for that giant orange bulb of the sky... they call it, Toward The Low Sun and we're proud to release it to the North Americans all across the world on February 28th, 2012 A.D.

And so in celebration, as a precursor to the Dirty Three release, we offer a once in a life-time chance to experience the greatness of Dirty Mick Turner's solo output in a way you've never been able, previously - bundled up, just like you in your wintery outfit! The big package includes five CDs full of Turner-gunk and fresh guitar noodlisms, going back to the wacky late 90s and settling into the late, straight 2000s, spanning a lifetime of change in the music industry. The piece de resistance for Turner-ites is the inclusion of Mick's postcards, highlighting his handy-wrist as a painter. This bundle is essential for your mid-winter's night dreams, the necessary bridge between the now and Toward The Low Sun. We call it, Mick's Dirty Six, and we're selling it for the deal of the year, a measly $60- Do it now!

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