posted January 12th, 2012

Remember when getting up off the floor and going to a rock show felt like a fun thing to do (it totally still is, but keep reading, ok?)? One where the potential for an exciting, possibly dangerous experience that could leave you with scars, the kind where you could eat the bar and lose your shirt and wet yourself and still go home with the chick (or dude) with the shaved head (or...)? Those memorable instances of pure, vacant joy are always aided and abetted by the performance at hand, and let's face it: no one did it like Monotonix. Yeah, can you believe as recently as a year ago you had the opportunity to catch fluids from 3 different super-hairy-punk-dudes as they most-nakedkly tore up every venue across numerous countries and continents? Now, we're left simply with our Monotonix LP collection and a half-full beer can rimmed with short and curlies. By they way, is your Monotonix LP collection complete? If not, get on that shit, son!

They may have hung up their sopping trunks at the end of the Not Yet tour, but they're forever burned into our collective conscience to such a degree that our joy reflex goes hyperactive when we see a video like the one below, from the folks at We Have Signal. Filmed at the BottleTree and aired on Alabama Public Television, it's a greasy ride through the sheer ferocity of a Monotonix gig and all the entrails that entails, along with some band interview clippage accenting throughout. It's a must see in these dark wintry days, perfect for the time you keep your danger and scars confined to the living room!

We Have Signal: Monotonix from We Have Signal on Vimeo.

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