posted January 24th, 2012

Tomorrow night the famed Music Box Theater will host an evening of entertainment that will rival the glamour of the ice capades and the excitement of Vietnam-era USO shows. The Chicago premier of Dragonslayer starts at 7pm with live music from Bitchin Bajas, visual accompaniment from Olivia Wyatt and a rock and roll appearance from Mayor Daley.

We’ve been talking about it for months as the SXSW/Hot Docs hit has been travelin the country, making waves and leaving names in a trail of broken glass and runny mascara. But now! Now this epic microcosm of life will be here in the city of working peoples. The confrontation of can-do versus won’t-do, bundle-up versus skinny-dip, fuck-you versus fuck-it…wait. When have we ever worked? Oh right! We’re confused about all this. Like an uneasy conclusion sliding past our chapped lips and warming our ulcers. No good answer ever came easy, but easy looks good shirtless on a skateboard.

There will be plenty of time to sort out all this dilemma dawdling when the director of the film, Tristan Patterson, beams into the theater after the screening for a special Q+A with the life affirming Rockin’ Rian Murphy. It will be live! Get your camera phones ready ‘cause it's gonna be super quote-able.

You can buy a ticket online and save a few bucks or show up and buy one at the door. Either way, show up and participate in some good old fashioned drawing-room-style parlor talk.

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