posted February 2nd, 2012

For those of you who were born yesterday, it's hard to talk about 2001 without choking a bit. You know, when Y2K killed everyone and all their stuff, things were nuts, dude. We were eating dog food, drinking science water, making up sign language to indicate how high we were, reading the words in magazines, asking strangers for the time – just nuts. Then Damon & Naomi with Ghost called (on what you call a "land line") and they were all like “we made an album,” and everything seemed to calm down. The self-titled long player came and went in a lovely, deluxe LP format, but the spirit never left. Except in those Sub Pop versions of the CD - obviously spirit left that house with the needles!

So we decided to bring the album back on LP and added a bonus 7” in the package. We also rescued the CD from the muddy banks of platinum and now both formats are available for purchase from the salty Drag City website. Because of this, we’ve been celebrating in bathroom stalls across the city (and in case you haven't heard, we'll be out in a goddamn minute!) but we always welcome the good cheer of others. And today, that good cheer comes from Naomi’s short film, which has only been available as a part of the Factory 25 1001 Nights DVD package of also some years ago, which is now available to watch online for free. It's a nice little 20 plus minutes of tour footage that includes not just Damon & Naomi, but also Ghost! Bet you didn't see that coming. Check it out here (available for a limited time only though) and then buy the album! And never forget...

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