posted February 13th, 2012

The month of February often conjures thoughts of hibernation, grayness and icky greeting card "holidays." Thankfully, this year we've got Sophia Knapp to help us think a little differently; Into The Waves brings aqua sea-foam auras and vintage, oceanic sunsets to the forefront of our frontal lobes, and it'll do the same for you on February 28th, when it funnels into your local record shop.

To get you in a beach ball-state of mind, chill(wave)y zoned as February may be, we've got a limited supply of Sophia Knapp t-shirts, too - soft and screen-printed, they're vivid and comfortable simultaneously - perfect for wearing to bed so as to better dream yourself into a tropical paradox. For the true retro in all of us, we have a few Lights t-shirts as well - remember, the band that birthed Cliffie Swan, which in turn spawned Sophia Knapp? Yes, you do. Indigo shimmer on light grey, no less! We're already wearing ours, so best hop to and get yours, before they're gone for, Into The Waves without you!

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