posted February 15th, 2012

Ever wonder what it's like being in Black Bananas? Hitting the road with rockin' icon Jennifer Herrema, getting stoned, getting ripped off, changing lives (and clothes) at the shows, swimming in the hotels, and sleeping by the pools? It's a wild ride, but it's supposed to be... or is it? You be the judge, as Black Bananas say it is, then say it isn't. But that's the life of a lifer, ok? Shit's real when you're on the peel, just like Black Bananas. Jennifer's made a career out of making the rules and breaking them, too. So watch her walk the talk in this tell all tour diary, via Volcom's "Road Tested, "and become the roadie you always wanted to be!

Rad Times Xpress IV is here and now on digital formats as well as vinyl. While your finger caresses the buy button, you should watch the video for its single, "TV Trouble," made by Danny Perez- it's the sauce on top!

A Danny Perez Video: Black Bananas "TV Trouble" from Drag City on Vimeo.

Black Bananas are on the road this month, go sees em.

2/17/12 Terminal 5 New York NY w/ Sleigh Bells
2/21/12 Mayan Theater Los Angeles CA w/ Sleigh Bells
2/23/12 The Regency Ballroom San Francisco CA w/ Sleigh Bells
2/24/12 The Showbox Seattle WA w/ Sleigh Bells

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