posted February 28th, 2012

It's release day here in Drag City country, and we're thinking of buying the farm - cause the positive feedback from all comers for Dirty Three, Masaki Batoh, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Sophia Knapp is killing us! Speaking of Sophia Knapp, the girl just keeps on creating-on! Like all of us, she's wondered - would life be better living "In Paper?" It's a rhetorical question, one that can't truly be answered, but one that is nonetheless wondrously experienced by Sophia Knapp in her latest video for, you guessed it, "In Paper!" From Into The Waves and created by Okay Video, "In Paper" transports a piano playing, water coloring Sophia from our "reality" to a dreamy surreality - one drawn, painted, and animated. Look at that: hot stuff! Hell, that hotness ain't all; last week we told you all about the Knapp shirts, now she's dropped another batch of collectable bombs on us to give to you (once you pay for them, you cheapskate art collector, you): silk-screened original Sophia Knapp prints! Screened in metallic ink on Yupo paper, then hand painted with radian watercolor dyes. Simply beautiful! We got small ones, we got big ones (and we got two sizes of prints as well, hyuk) - each designed to satisfy depending on your preference - signed and numbered (editions of 50 for the small, 16 for the large). Ain't that the business? The business of technically priceless art, that is. Into The Waves is just out for your ears to enjoy; now you gotsum pretty thangs to gaze towards, too!

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