posted March 1st, 2012

What have we? Dope Body! The lovely brothers of Baltimore have erected a fresh slab of sound fit for releasin' on May 22nd. They call it, Natural History. 'Tis the Drag City debut for these fellows, sure to give hope to all bodies world-wide, both natural and enhanced. But you've heard about this already, right? You point your ear towards the ground with your head on the rails; otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this (you sick fuck). Dope Body are road doggies, funsters, and gleeful pummelers of basement and attic parties alike, wide-eyed fanatics of the craft that the more reasonable among us might mistake for insanity (it ain't entirely so). Dope Body writhe under their own influences and experiments, swinging and swaying from gutteral-ish pudge-slunk to charming riffz n lix within the confines of a single tune. Or whatever you just thought instead!

But fuck it - if you you haven't yet tasted their meat live or heard the tinned version played back on your viscera-phone, just know that Dope Body is rock and punk, compounded and spelt other-wards and standing on its hands, with riffs descending like blood rushing from your feet to your head, then trickling down the drain after it exits the Body. Even if you don't know, you do - you've led the life in fantasy, now dig a preview of its sound, here. Dope Body are on the road, ragin' per usual, and here's the script:

3.04.12 @ Str8 Cavin (Baltimore, MD) w/ Dustin Wong, & This World Sucks
3.06.12 @ Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC) w/ Dustin Wong
3.07.12 @ Conundrum Music Hall (Columbia, SC) w/ Dustin Wong
3.08.12 @ Broadways (Asheville, NC) w/ Dustin Wong & Roomrunner
3.09.12 @ Sidecar (Lexington, KY) w/ Dustin Wong
3.10.12 @ The Royale (Little Rock, AK) w/ w/ Dustin Wong, Voyagers, Run DMT, Tonstartssbandht
3.11.12 @ Beau Jam (Beaumont, TX) w/Dustin Wong, Screaming Females, Pujol
3.12.12 @ Super Happy Fun Land (Houston, TX) w/ Dustin Wong, MAKU Sound System
3.13.12 @ Party Party Partners Showcase w/ Dustin wong, Guerilla Toss /Holy Smokes Showcase (Austin, TX)
3.14.12 - OFF DAY
3.15.12 @ Scoot Inn (Austin, TX) w/ Titus Andronicus, Thee Oh Sees, & Andrew WK
3.16.12 @ The Whiskey room (Austin, TX) w/ R Stevie Moore, others (Official Showcase 8:00pm)
3.17.12 @ Impose Magazine Showcase (Austin, TX)

4.27.12 @ Golden West w/ Quintron

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