posted March 8th, 2012

You know, not every work of art frames up exactly 12" x 12", but those be the die-men-she-own-ays for a record cover, kids! So we of the industry fearlessly take beauty and find its essential detail, finding within the art another form of art, that which is called "album art." But fear not "actual art" lovers! The deep-down-under gang known as Dirty Three is here to increase your galleric intake. Turns out that Australians actually appreciate the work of art outside of its function in our hillbilly bizness. No fool of a painter, Dirty Three guitarist Mick Turner will be giving the people what they want with an exhibit of his artwork at Brunswick's Tinning Street Gallery March 8th 18th and in Sydney at Mart Gallery, March 21st-31st. Fittingly, the exhibitions will be titled Cover Art and Morsels. Check the galleriessites for times! If you can’t get to that faraway (from us) land mass to see the show, all is still well, dingo - especially if you're one of the less-discriminating art fans who can appreciate the greatest beauty in the smallest thing. Just go to the Drag City internet marketplace and buy the new Dirty Three record, Toward the Low Sun. You'll get a taste of some Mick Turner art ‘cause its on the goddamn front and back covers. If you’re not already planning on it, buy the LP for the big art work and buy the CD then take your portable player (and some psilocybin) to your local Outback for the full experience. One the magic starts to occur, the Swiss-Mexican hybrids we’ve been digging on lately (or whoever your local gentry may be) will start to look all Aborigine-ish! Such is the magic of Mick Turner and Dirty Three...

Artists in this story: Mick Turner, Dirty Three