posted March 27th, 2012

When we're not living in the now, surfing on the surging wave of these two thousand pre-teens, we lovingly hark back to the golden age of punk, that sweet-smelling era that spanned the late 70s and early 80s. Musically, everything was rightly fucked and weird, sharply edged at a time when the popular drift was toward fear-mongering and conservatism. Though radical in ideal, actual jams were congruently economic in presentation - shit was simultaneously theoretical and real. And shit should still be, shouldn't it? We believe so. And so do Sic Alps! That's why they've done and gone provided us with a natural bridge (which we love and you should too) from eras past to present, by dropping the "Pangea Globe" 7" EP on our faces. See, it's a covers EP, Sic Alps doing songs of the Tronics, a fine British band representing the sounds and energies described above. Tronics were putting out their own damn records back then on main Tronics dude Ziro Baby's own imprint, Alien Records - but if you don't have the tenacity + dosh to pick up them old classics, a couple of them have been reissued on What's Your Rupture just this very year. But even if you don't hear the 'riginals but dig the Swell Maps and the TV Personalities, et al - you're gonna love Sic Alps doing Tronics - and you're gonna buy "Pangea Globe" ! meanwhile, Sic Alps plan to celebrate their deft time-travelling high-wire act by sipping white wine all through the southern regions of Europe come April - dig these dates, goober!

4/19/12 Six Dogs Athens Greece
4/20/12 Stage Dive Larissa Greece
4/21/12 Coo Thessaloniki Greece
4/22/12 MKC Club Skopje Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of
4/23/12 KC Belgrade Belgrade
4/24/12 Tvornica Kultur Zagreb Croatia
4/25/12 Spazio 211 Turin Italy
4/26/12 Init Club Rome Italy
4/27/12 Museo Firenze Italy
4/28/12 Interzona Verona Italy
4/29/12 Tnt Iesi Ancona Italy
4/30/12 Clandestino Faenza Italy
5/4/12 De Zwerver Leffingen Belgium
5/5/12 Trix Antwerp Belgium
5/6/12 Palais Arlon Belgium
5/7/12 King Georg Cologne Germany

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