posted March 29th, 2012

Ah, the sweet scent of opium runs deep through your l'il immersion den. Lest the iron pigs intimidate, in these environs it's natural to experience love like a rondo - the theme's vivacious, to be repeated again and again in the key of your subscribed tonic, dear cousin. Crystalline projections, silkily sulfuric and veining in the strata of your frontal lobus, coalesce like gypsum just behind the structure of your eyes, evaporating in the misty liquid of the open air. Breathe deeply, suck it in! Now what do you see, a walking robin? It's real. Blues Control, they're real! They've entered the Drag City realm, and Drag City suddenly feels much safer. Russ & Lea call their new LP, Valley Tangents. It'll be real for you just before your solstice egg goes to balance on end - so real, we'll wheat-paste it to your hands in exchange for money come June 19th, 2012. Set your clocks! Before that, Blues Control have European business to finish, this time with their seriously playful buddies, Laaraji & Arji (with whom Blues Control have a hot new collab record) - then, it's back to the USSA for some release parties! Proof typically in the pudding, here are the details:

4/12/12 Kolovrat 79 Lisboa Portugal w/ Laaraji & Arji
4/13/12 Electronica en Abril Barcelona Spain w/ Laaraji & Arji
4/14/12 Centro Cultural Vila Flor Guimarães Portugal w/ Laaraji & Arji
4/15/12 Club Sinsal Vigo Spain w/ Laaraji & Arji
4/18/12 I Boat Bordeaux France w/ Laaraji & Arji
4/19/12 Electronica en Abril Barcelona Spain w/ Laaraji & Arji
4/21/12 KC Belgie Hasselt Belgium w/ Laaraji & Arji, Michael Chapman
4/22/12 Worm Rotterdam Netherlands w/ Laaraji & Arji
4/25/12 Le Batofar Paris France w/ Laaraji & Arji
4/25/12 Impetus Fest Lausanne Switzerland w/ Laaraji & Arji
4/27/12 Live Arts Week Bologna Italy w/ Laaraji & Arji
6/22/12 PhilaMOCA Philadelphia PA w/ Birds of Maya, Slow Tongued Beauty
6/23/12 285 Kent Ave. Brooklyn NY w/ Purling Hiss, Tonstartssbandht, Jordan Redaelli, DJ Brian Turner, DJ Paul Major

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