posted April 10th, 2012

At Drag City, we're on a mission to make the things we know you want. Usually, we make the thing we know you want in multiple formats so as to effectively cover the duality of your mind and the poles of your personality. Just cause one shoe fits don't mean the pants will, too, right? Are you with us? Perhaps not, but we'll get you there! For years, Drag City has published books in the traditional formats, both hard- and soft-covers as well as two recent entries into the books-on-tape (CD) field. These are the formats we love, and for years, we knew you preferred them, too. But this is the end of days, so we gotta own up: it's time for a little foray into the world of digital-books. No better child to shine than Slow Fade, Rudolph Wurlitzer's dark and humorous novel about the unshakably transient worlds of movies and rock n' roll, accounted through the cultural lens of the 1970s! We've described it as the life you'd like to lead, or at least have read to you, and now it's the life you can lead online, in your current preferred state of virtual reality!

Slow Fade is available as an ebook from us, as well as from the big, dumb digital sites you frequent besides Drag City. Download now, and compliment your virtual s(h)elf!

Artists in this story: Rudolph Wurlitzer