posted April 12th, 2012

Kids these days, making records with their 4 tracks, their cell phones, their Mboxes... lest we remind you of some of the gay 90s pioneers for such experimental recordings? You know them as arena-style rockers today, but back when they were little muppet-baby types, David Berman, Stephen Malkmus and Bobby Nastanovich used to get fucked up after fucking up their day jobs and make songs, which they wrote by playing onto cassettes and microtapes via innovative studio techniques like direct to boombox and answering machine. Yes, a scant 20 years ago, before your digital voicemails, there were separate machines that automatically answered the analog phone for you and recorded messages to tape. Sounds cool, don't it? Yeah, it did! Anyway, let's stay on track. These young Silver Jews did some real damage to their own health and the well being of the record industry with two EPs back in the day, circa '92,'93 - one on 7" called "Dime Map of the Reef" and one on 10" called The Arizona Record. Each are fuzzed up and blissed out like your favorite contemporary records, only earlier, each long outta print. Time is now, of course, so we figured time dictates the release of such recordings again. The Joos call it, Early Times. So we call it that, too. Early Times arrives June 19th on LP, CD and Cassette!

Let's celebrate with some funny, huh? Looks like Drag City & People Under The Stares homie Eddie Pepitone gots a new documentary, and the geezer knows where to go for its sound- right up Silver Jews alley! Watch below and fuck all the dialogue, pay close attention to the music in the background!

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