posted April 20th, 2012

The People Under The Stares are back! Drag City & The People Under The Stares love showering you with comedic gifts, and the one we gonna bring to the party this summer is no exception! The biggest, most tightly wrapped, icing-topped, cream-filled, new car smelling, bikini-clad, groove-boned, gold-rimmed, pimped, dankest, purest, electric-day-glo, slap-sticky, cut-up, epic, bare-backed, chocolaty, willingest-to-talk-about-feelings, puppy-eyed, diamond-encrusted, organic ones are always the best, right? Well since we don't have the bread for that kind of ham, we'll instead give you the double-yer-pleasure fun-wash of Neil Hamburger and Tim Heidecker, twice in one day! YES! Tickets for both an early show for the kids and a sure-to-be-x-rated late show are on sale now! Aw, who knows which will be which, all we know is if you put those two laffensteins in staggered mirrors facing each other, you've got endless chuckles, baby! Friday, July 27th at Chicago's Lincoln Hall, 7:30PM and 10:30PM: The People Under the Stares present 4 Clowns & A Crook: Neil Hamburger, Tim Heidecker, DJ Douggpound and The Kenny "K-Strass" Strasser Yo-Yo Extravaganza!

Artists in this story: Neil Hamburger, The People Under The Stares