posted April 26th, 2012

No innovation can avoid imitation in our trust-bust America; therefore, following in the paths of such luminaries as Thomas Edison, pork, the Negro Leagues, artificial sweetener and the U.S.S.R., we take a step towards saturation. There we go again, watering down the effectiveness of yet another mode of communication! What the fuck’d we go and do that for? Well, so far no one has used the QR-code to its full capacity, and Drag City is always of the opinion that a balloon’s beauty can only be seen right before it pops in your eye, so take a Q from us and get foggy with these things. For now, aim your camera phones at the blotchy square and behold a special taste of what’s to come. Can you guess what you hear? Yeah?!?! Riiiiiight, you better hold back until you confer with your friends just to be safe, so spread it around from port to portal and offer up your best guess!