posted May 24th, 2012

WE KNOW WORLD - you have an opinion on digital music, we have the emails from many of your residents to prove it. BUT KNOW WORLD - Drag City don't hate on digital man, we sell mp3s on our website! Yeah, we know you want the data on a business card and slipped into your jacket, but we totally gave up on slipping it in a long time ago. Stuff, shove, and love is all we know anymore. Still, we're always ready to grow and we learn a new word: Stream.

Adopted and embraced by the peck-n-hunt crowd a long time ago (relatively speaking, that is - say, six months back?) streaming is convenient but messy and we'll leave it at that. End of sermonette. But you've probly noticed our absence on those popular portals and feel frustrated that you can't express your utter disgust for the modern world with a playlist devoted entirely to Smog tracks from '94-'96. Or maybe you just wanna click "play all" on the Sic Alps page, suck ether until your lips turn black and bliss out in your garden apartment. To a certain extent, we wish that for you. But whatever and all that - for those who need to stream, for free and without any subscription necessary, we give you the Drag City Soundcloud page! We'll put up free tracks to stream from new releases and maybe some special surprises in the future. We don't totally know how it works yet, so start sharing or grouping or tagging the page and we'll fall in line. In fact, go over there right now and listen to songs from Dope Body, Blues Control, Sic Alps and the first track from the just announced new album from Six Organs of Admittance. Then after you have sufficiently previewed the music, do as the marketers say you're inclined to do and purchase the album from our webstore.

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