posted June 1st, 2012

The word is out, rolling up the dunes and down the valley - that's Valley Tangents, baby, your summer gateway! Blues Control's latest tube ride in over a minute catches the choicest wave of the bridge-and-morning-tide set. The curl kicks out with "Love's A Rondo," a glassy track you can either ride or simply dive your whole bod right into. So real, you can almost see it, right? Well this time you can! Dig the Tara Sinn directed video for "Love's A Rondo!"

The morning star in the sky that is the "Love's A Rondo" video is as focused and playful as the beatific Blues Control they ownselves, flooding your aural canals with a second dose of Valley Tangents' panoramic frequencies while letting your eyes glimpse the mysterious syncopations of Allstar, the MTA Mime. In all, there are six perfect jewels in this crown they call Valley Tangents; you're now privy to two. This is good news for mind, soul and body! And bonus, the video bounces your visi-balls with an engrossing set of steps to add to your own dance-ertoire. Trust us, you need 'em!

What new forms of Blues Control will the next tide bring? The answer is: none! The record's set for June 19th, and with two previews, you are truly blessed with as much of a new Blues Control review as you're gonna get until that cherished date. Can't wait 'til then to find out the whole musical truth and nothing but? Save the date forever by preordering Valley Tangents now!

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