posted June 4th, 2012

Wilson Semiconductors is but a half-year past, yet in this current time-sphere in which we sell records, the average consumer-schmuck may've shifted gears 'n ears a thousand times since it's release. Which is why it's essential for contemporary artists to remain agile and active - and that requires regular workouts, preferably on stage! How else will those consumer-schmucks separate the girl-goo and boy-cream from the crop? Neil Hagerty and his Howling Hex are building a village, one pediarchy at a time, and now the king harvest has surely come to Denver. All you mile-high kids regularly found over at the Lost Lake Lounge, clear your month of Thursdays, for The Howling Hex will reside then and there for the entire moon cycle of June 2012! That's right, beginning this Thursday, June 7, and continuing each Thursday through the 28th, The Howling Hex get ritualistic and full frontal - rite in front of you, Denver - for an evening of wild, yet not completely pre-determinable entertainment and amazement. How? 'Tis easy - set the coordinates: The Howling Hex will be there. You should be, too! On your way, grab a handful of Wilson Semiconductors or any other Hex installment plans found here, at the Drag City consumer-schmuck village.

6/7/12 Lost Lake Lounge Denver CO
6/14/12 Lost Lake Lounge Denver CO
6/21/12 Lost Lake Lounge Denver CO
6/28/12 Lost Lake Lounge Denver CO