posted June 12th, 2012

Ever wonder what lurks in the dank, labyrinthine basements of Drag City? Us too! Aside from stockpiled condoms, poppers and hand guns, the murky depths have only stubbornly given up their secrets! Recent digs turned up a curious revelation: there's more to the basement than the hoarding of doomsday resources! It appears we've housed a booking agency ever since we moved into our new manse - what?!? Imagine that! Staffed by illegal aliens, we expect - ol' Drag City, Inc., always pinching a dime (or a Polish peso) to get the blood out! Blinking uneasily in the strangely foriegn light of the sun, these self-procalimed "booking agents" told us that they call themselves The Strange Victory Touring Co.!

Apparently, they book some cool-as-fuck bands, including many of our very own (note to collective self: internal disconnect, gotta work on that - the left hand must be more appraised of the right hand's hooseabouts)! Even more relevantly, these pale, nocturnal-seeming Strange Victory Touring folks are all ready to leave their protective lair and fly to, of all places, New York City! They have an exceptionally amazing showcase coming there this week, on Thursday, June 14th at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. Now usually, booking agent festivals are totes dull, but this one truly begs your attendance, check it out: among the entertainment are our very own Magik Markers, Dope Body, plus Chain & The Gang, Mucca Pazza, Dustin Wong, and more! Try winning tickets here! It's gonna be Olympic-style wild in the streets - get there post haste!

Artists in this story: Magik Markers, Dope Body