posted June 15th, 2012

We gave you ...For The Whole World to See, then Spiritual, Mental Physical. But you've had those for over a year, and naturally, you can't face life without more Death. After all, you've been listening to Death, reading about Death, perhaps catching a glimpse of limited engagement live Death, but it's even been awhile since that happened, so now more than ever, you're ready to actually see Death, aren't you? Death was waiting for this moment. Now, Death provides you with the opportunity to see it on screen like you've never witnessed Death before. Premiering this Saturday, June 16, at 7:30PM, A Band Called Death, the official documentary of Death, hits L.A.'s Regal Cinema Stadium 14 Live, as part of the Los Angeles Film Festival! Following that, the After Viewing party commences at the W Hotel's Party Room. Death will perform, as will Death offspring, Rough Francis. Now's your chance! See Death onscreen, then witness Death live at what's sure to be a hobnobbing Hollywood affair. How many more opportunities to experience Death are you gonna get??? If all else fails, you can always go here to buy some Death - but do yourself a favor, Los Angeles, and get to this screening! Or it may be your funeral...

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