posted July 9th, 2012

Cheeky monk, London's gone Galactic! Indeed, the man behind the mask behind the pen behind our (back) pages of the very own Galactic Zoo Dossier, Plastic Crimewave, has arrived in the United Kingdom and is helplessly allowing his speech to the drift into Queen's finest posh London accent while kipping out beneath the London Dungeons. Crimewave, a.k.a. Jolly Steve Krakow, then carries his quill to the jolly confines of Gosh! Comics on Thursday, July 12, for a wonderful evening filled with Galactic Zoo Dossier signings, caricature drawings, as drawing many fine pints of mead your beer tits can handle, and plenty of hazy vibrations. The 9th annual (that means every three years, right?) Galactic Zoo Dossier is available on all the shelves that are fit to hold print products in most of the brick and mortar shoppes that are class enough to hold those shelves and galleries! But my what a rare treat to meet the mastermind behind it all at the point of purchase, thousands of miles from home and with only a few quid in his stripey trousers! Fancy a little more? Brill, because we're not taking the piss without first running over to Rough Trade East for a Steve Krakow DJ session (with more caricatures) on July 20, where you'll hear the biologic movement of sound flowing through the Crimewave ear and straight to his fountain pen. The new Galactic Zoo Dossier will be there, too, for you and your mates to buy. All good then!

7/12/12 Gosh! Books London United Kingdom
7/20/12 Rough Trade East London, United Kingdom

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