posted August 23rd, 2012

Now Here's My Plan is this summer's smashing Bonnie 'Prince' Billy mash-up of re-imagined tunes previously rattling barss around CBBPB (yes, that is Cell Block Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, thanks for askin') in various form n' fashion. But it's not the only Bonnie ball on the 2012 chain; naw, there's plenty to come, and part of a larger, long-distance lap back to Now Here's My Plan - cause, his hat's tippin' towards some lit-xcursions as the August embers fizzle. It's all just part of the master plan to break jail - get it? Now here's his plan, once you've grabbed your copy of Now Here's My Plan, go'n and get with down with the inaugural issue of the arts and lit journali, The Unified Field - cause there, amongst the written stylings of Gloria Steinem, Damien Echols, Autumn de Wilde, and more, you'll find a clear vinyl 10" featuring an exclusive track from our very own, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. They're limited, so grab one before the release date on September 18th. And if you're reading this without a copy of Now Here's My Plan in your hand: head directly to jail, do not pass "Go," and get inside FuthaMuckin' CBBPB, formerly known as the Drag City webstore!

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