posted September 7th, 2012

OK, OK, neither have we - but the sounds and musics we've heard from Mali over the ages have continuously blown our minds; in particular, we're keen on the epic CD-only (fetishist) label, Yaala Yaala, who we've been toting, toasting, and boasting for years now, and who've knocked it out of the park with a rich mixture of sounds vibrating from that rich country. Now, to help raise awareness for the oppression many Malian villages are currently facing at the hands of fundamentalist Islamic group Ansar Dine, we're bundling all six Yaala Yaala releases for affordable consumption! A mere $54 will get you every Yaala Yaala release to date, all at once. It's cheaper than digital, and faster than downloading, so come on! Do it! All proceeds will benefit the artists in Mali.

Here's more from the folks at Yaala Yaala:

Reports from YYR's friends in Mali are not good. Earlier this year, fundamentalist Islamic group Ansar Dine, an Al Qaeda offshoot, began to take over numerous villages in the north of Mali and establishing Shariah law. While Mali is a Muslim country, the form of Islam practiced varies greatly across Mali, and more often than not is interwoven with local religious beliefs, creating a very moderate and tolerant form of Islam. The fundamentalists are knocking down Sufi shrines and emptying ancient libraries in Timbuktu. Reports of deaths by stoning of women who do not wear veils, men who listen to music, smoke and drink beer, are starting to surface.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees from the north are streaming into Bamako and other southern towns to escape the invaders. Coupled with a severe year-long drought across Mali, times are tough.

As always, just about every penny you spend on these releases will be sent to the artists in Mali.

Artists in this story: Yoro Sidibe, Toba Seydou Traore, Abdoulaye Traore