posted September 19th, 2012

In case you live under a rock or don't own a bookshelf or coffee table, or k-i-n-d-l-e (and if you do, please see a doctor), we wanna make sure you're totally awares 'bout the latest published book from the Drag City Press & Featherproof Books: The Minus Times, Collected! How often do you get each and every issue of your favorite literary mag wrapped up into one, single-bound megabook? Well at least this once, but this is it, ok? Since the grungy '90s, The Minus Times had issued 29 distinct journals, each meticulously assembled with works from many of the biggest minds of the era: Stephen Colbert, David Berman, Wells Tower, David Eggers, Patrick DeWitt, to name but a few; typos, warts, and all. The 30th "issue" stands tall as the complete life-span of the most elusive lit mag on Earth, the last piece to utterly smash your Jenga puzzle and send your periodicals soaring.

To celebrate, we're throwing a goddang release party for this snazzy mag. Hell, we're gonna throw two: firstly in the town of Algren and Royko, Chicago, at The Whistler next week! Second, over in the megalopolis of Brooklyn, at Gutter. Each will provide readings by Minus Times editor Hunter Kennedy; and the reading at Gutter will have special guests, oh my! For those out in the styx, you'll just have to pick up a copy of The Minus Times Collected from our book nook to see what all the fuss is about!

9/27/12 The Whistler, Chicago, IL, 7pm, Hunter Kennedy reading.
9/30/12 Gutter, Brooklyn, NY, 6-9 PM, Hunter Kennedy + Guests- Reading

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