posted September 24th, 2012

Blues Control bounced in a serpentine fashion across America most of this summer and well into the harvesting season in support of their first Drag City long-player, Valley Tangents; 'fore that, L N' R (as we call them 'round the water-coolant) went all up in Europe's business with Laraaji and Arji, supporting their collabananza record from way back earlier in the year. So now what's the plan, what's up with your next trick, BC? How about switching hemispheres, shall we? OK! Blues Control are gonna do it, their rainbow bout is stretching over the horizon, and shucks, you wanna be there with Blues Control too, don't you? We knew it. Us too! Let's all get friendly and cuddly like koalas and box our way like little 'roos over to the magical land of OZ - and reverse-hell, if we're really going all that way, let's do it in New Zealand like we all know we ought to.

So yeah, Blues Control are touring Australia and New Zealand, with help from the R.I.P. Society peoples, before they come back in the USA and blow some more flutes across their synths n' guitars before 2012 is over. If you're all like, "what more can I scrag, I've already got them Valley Tangents LPs and CDs?!?!," then how bout this news flash - Drag City got's another couple shades of Blues for you! Specificially, Blues Control t-shirts and cassettes for now for sale! Real ones, just like the shirts and tapes you wear and play - or even more specifically, the ones you see on the Blues Control merch table. Just like those. So if'n you're too broke or too blobbed to make the trip down under, like we are in real, non-internet life, then at least do the virtual hop over to our store and do Blues Control and yourself a solid - those are some fine looking ribbons and threads, and you look like you could use em!

9/29/12 The Croatian Wickham Sports Club Newcastle Australia Sound Summit Festival
10/4/12 The Gasometer Melbourne Australia
10/5/12 Liberty Social Melbourne Australia w/ Home Blitz
10/6/12 Snake Pit Auckland New Zealand
10/7/12 The Darkroom Christchurch New Zealand w/ Teen Haters
10/9/12 Russian Frost Farmers Wellington New Zealand
10/10/12 Black Bear Lodge Brisbane Australia
10/11/12 Pica Bar Perth Australia
10/12/12 The Square Sydney Australia
10/26/12 Shea Stadium Brooklyn NY w/ Hubble and Alan Watts
12/1/12 Mercury Lounge New York NY w/ Six Organs of Admittance
12/2/12 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia PA w/ Six Organs of Admittance
12/3/12 DC9 Washington DC w/ Six Organs of Admittance
12/5/12 Beachland Tavern Cleveland OH w/ Six Organs of Admittance
12/6/12 MOTR Pub Cincinnati OH w/ Six Organs of Admittance
12/8/12 Empty Bottle Chicago IL w/ Six Organs of Admittance

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