posted September 26th, 2012

Either you were all grown up at the age of twelve or you’re thirty and still a child. Whatever the case may be, this rock n roll brew has been concocted for your pre- and post-adolescent thirst. On Accelerator, Royal Trux roil out a crimson tide for your strain to walk upon. If you’ve got the guts to work underground, the silver and gold of guitars, drums, and vocal-hicular shrieks are here to be extracted for your profit. If you ever wondered: Could I walk on the water? if not a day passes without a stray hip-shake, or the looming prospect of a strut on the horizon, well, darling, they’ve saved this last tangle for you.

Accelerating through a variety of pre-millenium dawns, the Trux have never been one to get too personally involved, but if you listen closely, there’s plenty of free psychology for the life-lorn here, an experience of mouth-to-mouth resurrection. Fuck, this is almost a survivalist handbook. Their credentials? The first song says it all — “I’m Ready.” 1998's pain is 2012's gain: close your eyes, and Accelerator’ll see you through on October 9th.

Artists in this story: Royal Trux