posted September 27th, 2012

Brace up, y'all! Ty Segall’s Twins is coming at you from both sides! October 9th is lurking, waiting for you and Twins to get down together in a menage-a-wha? As you (we) eagerly await that day’s a-dawning, Ty is giving you a little more to chew on (a triplet?). You’ve already received an explosive belt in the chops of Twins' sheer metallic sheen with the chart-leaping advance single, “The Hill.” Now, here's another slice of rancid beef from the butt of the rampaging beast(z?) courtesy of this newly framed Twins commercial. Take a look (take two, they're small!) and once the raw sensations have washed o'er ya, you too will conclude that “The Hill," this commercial, you, me, the world and everything leading up to October the 9th is merely just the beginning! What's up?

Note to yourself: Twins is available in 4 formats, LP, CD, cassette, and download. For your econo-mind, grab a bundled up version of the LP and digital today!

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