posted October 1st, 2012

Get to bed, tiny people! XXXmas comes but once a year in October, and Tuesday October 2nd, 2012, is the freakin' morning -ay wherein a sweaty sweet treat's a-comin' down your chimney. Wot doth we speaketh of, all concerned? Well, tomorrow's the morning Ty Segall performs avec TSB1 in tow in Chi's own WGN Studios, live on television for all the midwest to see. Yeah, it's not just for the 10 million or so Chicago-areans out there, but anyone with 'GN on their box to get a glimpse o' the TSE2, that flame-blown shred-fest currently trending world-wide. Ho ho ho! An' it's just one week from October 9th, otherwise known as the release date of his new long playing mega-album, Twins, also known as the new New Year - that's right, Ty's gone n' dun us the favor of skipping the rest of this silly year by releasing Twins on October 9, as sacrifice to the calendar godz, reverse apocalypse-style. So you're alive for another year! Celebrate in sTYle (geddit?) - by turning on the telly at the crack o' god-darned dawn.

In abbreviated conclusion, Ty Segall is performing live on WGN Morning News at 8AM, tomorrow, Tuesday, October 2nd! After it's on the tele, it'll probably sneak its way on to the interwebs, OK? That'll let the rest o' y'alls non-cable types c'n sneak a peek, too. Twins is out October 9!

^1 Ty Segall Band
^2 Ty Segall Experience

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