posted October 16th, 2012

Twins is hot off the presses, melting ear-hearts and turntables across the planet, a gooey black substance that feeds and grows like a sonic appendage. Seriously, if you're gonna grow a third arm, you freaks might as well make it a tone arm! That Ty Segall goop is molten, man! It rules, and Twins is gushing lava at a torrid pace - it's even mutating onto your television screen, tonight! Say wut?! Yeah. Tune into Conan O'Brien tonight, at 11PM EST, and catch yourself some taped-live-before-a-studio-audience Ty Segall, Ty Segall Band in tow, partying with Team Coco and co. It's not the first time Ty's made a small screen splash-and-grab this month, yet tonite's wave is expected be his gnarliest - how's our hero gonna top the WGN Morning News experience? Pop up and hang ten, at 11, to find out! Meantime, don't go hungry - satiate yourself with a new copy or two of Twins today!

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