posted October 25th, 2012

Duck! No, wait - goose! Actually...we don't know what the fuck it is. And if it's flying over Drag City and we don't know what's up with it, you can bet your buckskins it's from our resident bin divers at Galactic Zoo Disk and Yoga Records. Yeah - and whatever it is, it's coming down fast! Check it out - November 6th, we've scheduled your lazy ass for another journey through the past, when times were simpler and the music was therefore somehow more enjoyable? Don't ask why, just buy! Galactic Zoo Disk gives you a super-fun excuse to, with a collection of Brit folk rock, 70s style. Hm, well. This could mean a lot - Steeleye Span? Pentangle? ISB? Strawbs? Trees? Any one of the Fairport permutations? The late, lamented Bert Jansch, even? Nah, nah - think more, Holyground, Forest, Left-Handed Marriage types of sounds. Don't know 'em? Us neither! How about Tony Caro & John then? Bingo. You got it kid - Blue Clouds is in fact another tome from the infamous trio whose barely-released All On the First Day album has lit up so many smoky late-night rooms over the past forty years. This new vinyl-only release is a collection, mind you - not an assemblage of like-minded tunes from the same session, but a couple songs each from '72, '74, '75 and '76 as well as a pair of live cuts and even an outtake from All On the First Day, glory halleluiah! Blue Clouds charts them pilgrims' progress from the drawing-board days and shows that Tony Caro & John was on even after the first day! Not to be outdone, the folks at Yoga (whose CV includes freak-outs from Ted Lucas, Matthew Young, Dwarr, Collie Ryan, Robert Lester Young and many freaky others) have dropped a record from their own deep waters on us from circa 1977. Ever heard of Mad Music Inc.? Us neither - but we're thankful that Yoga brought it (them?) to our attention. Made anonymously and appearing without fanfare in shops around the Boston area, Mad Music is a marvel of fusion, from exotic to psychedelic to ambient with a little stop-off at disco (listen to this!). To this day, nobody is taking credit for this record, but it clearly comes from refined yet far-out sensibilities! Originally released with random inserts about sine-waves and tube stereos and shit, Mad Music is music for today - even thirty-some years later. If this is circus music, we're ready to jern up! You will be too, wance these esoteric missives from yesteryear hitcha. Sign up, before the sell out, ya!