posted November 5th, 2012

Thought you'd seen it all? Put your eyes back in your head and thank god you did, sinner! Ty Segall's back on the small screen, shredding it live on massive-matrix network television, ascending "The Hill" to stand on the late night summit with Sir David Letterman, tonight on The Late Show! With Twins popping up everywhere, most notably in your local brick and mortar corner bodega bin, headshop and/or undergarment section of the department store, and what with it wearing out the needle on your turntable having put the unadulterated feeling of youthful "Love Fuzz" back in the face of your freaky folks, it's about damn time for another glimpse of San Francisco's rock ambassador in the very comfort of your very home, ain't it? It's been like, a whole month since the last glimpse!

So give it up and give in to it, then: Fresh off the wake-and-bake thrashing of the WGN Morning News and following his shoot-'em-if-you-got-'em ravishing of Conan, Ty Segall's man-alive and ready for TV shine once again, straight from The Late Show with David Letterman into your living room! Tune in to watch on CBS at 11:35/10:35c, then turn out to vote... for Ty Segall, your true bi-parTY-san candidate!

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