posted November 21st, 2012

The Six Organs of Admittance intergalactic tour-smission is coming in, as the beam glides from European lands back to the pilgrim shores of America! The full throttle, metal 6OOA-ship (yes, it's a fucking fire-breathing shreddy rock band from hell, not some acoustic dirge or arty-duo. Lazy journalists, take note!) is captained by one Ben Chasny, but his crew has changed for this mission- the band has expanded to a four-piece, including Casey from Major Stars on drums and John from Magic Markers on 2nd guitar- in what will surely be a molten lava bath for your mind and body (ears first, beast). Ascent lifted off back at the end of August and we can barely keep the record in print! If you're lucky, you can snag one at the merch table on tour, along with the recently repressed Shelter From The Ash on LP, amongst other neat toys (Ascent patches for all!). Stay tuned to the Six Organs Twitter page for all the latest tour gossip - decoded messages from the Ascent team predict a heavy announcement sometime mid-tour, but who knows - these machines are unreliable.

Lest we forget, bolstering the Ascent tour are none other than time-space travelers Blues Control, supporting the flanks for most of these Eastern and Midwestern visitations! The duo have been impenetrable since their Valley Tangents sonic field first rose, having most recently left behind the Aussie-Kiwi landscape on their on-going spacewalk, and radar indicates their reserve is plentiful. Yes, Blues Control got in the ring and plan to orbit the Ascent-ship for as long as this mission requires before disembarking to pursue their own path, once again. We may never see a cosmic combo like this one for generations - where will this worm-hole of a tour land next? For full details, check the landing map below!

Six Organs of Admittance tour dates:

11/27/12 Magic Stick Detroit MI
11/28/12 The Drake Hotel Toronto Ontario Canada
11/29/12 Casa Del Popolo Montreal Quebec Canada
11/30/12 Brighton Music Hall Boston MA with Major Stars
12/1/12 Mercury Lounge New York NY w/ Blues Control
12/2/12 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia PA w/ Blues Control
12/3/12 DC9 Washington DC w/ Blues Control
12/5/12 Beachland Tavern Cleveland OH w/ Blues Control
12/6/12 MOTR Pub Cincinnati OH w/ Blues Control
12/8/12 Empty Bottle Chicago IL w/ Blues Control

Additional Blues Control dates in other orbits:

12/4/12 The Union Athens OH
12/7/12 Linnemans Riverwest Inn Milwaukee WI
12/28/12 YOGIGA Expression Gallery Seoul Korea

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