posted November 29th, 2012

We insist, actually. America's sons and daughters, come get Trux'd upon, fresh off the re-release of 1998's party countdown to 2012, Accelerator. The music fits like a glove, but that's on the inside - what you gonna put on your icean humanoid-bod? How about the fresh hot tee with a vintage cree, the authentic article (of clothing), the original Accelerator T-shirt, risen from the Royal Trux tomb. Slip into it now, just as you've begun to wear out your LP copy of Accelerator!

As if you didn't know, Jennifer Herrema's been all over the yard with Black Bananas this year, but shit, that's just the Platinum-tip! Amidst all the rocking, styling, fashion designing and whatfor, coming up next week, girl's got a residency at the New Museum Store in New York, NY, December 5th - 7th as part of the series, "She's Crafty." Featuring a spectrum of projects by inventive women tasked with transforming the Store’s window display, Herrema and collaborators including Jess Holzworth, Lizzi Bougatos, Pamela Love and Spencer Sweeney will re-imagine the tiny white-box storefront window on the Bowery as a space for on-site production of unique editions to be sold at the New Museum Store-- creating a series of unique collages infused with psychedelic rock nostalgia.

But gawd, that's jus' the start of the continuing Trux experience! What's happening inside Hagerty Hive? How about a rendition of the classic Trux op(ium)us, Twin Infinitives? Step to the (Edge of the) Ape Oven, New Yorkers, it's your lucky draw again - on Saturday, December 8th, at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, a Neil Hagerty-led Royal Trux will perform the classic album in its entirety! Any wonder all this occurs before December 21st, 2012? Yeah, we're thinkin' bout it, too....

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