posted December 6th, 2012

No, it's not just a clever name and it ain't know compilation, either. Is it the best, new Howling Hex record ever? Depends on how closely you've been listening along the way! Rest assured, it's absolutely the place holder in which, after all the incantations of the band to date, The Howling Hex stands thus far, at this moment: a border sound that bubbled in the southernmost regions of New Mexico for years before recently re-situating to the thin atmospheres of Denver, Colorado. Undeniably, Howling Hex uber-brain Neil Hagerty's destructoid guitar just gets heavier as the altitude sores, in this case capturing the oscillating transistors of pure germanium with HCI-like fluidity never before seen in even these parts, this Howling Hex wilderness, for years. Yeah, it's funky, Hagerty's guitar tone is an alien wonder, and the careening beat (yes! drums, fer sure - first time on a Howling Hex record since 2007, wot?) of the band unleashes him to foll solo spots with fervor.

Trust us, man, The Best of The Howling Hex is the only vita-mineral to ingest this cold, grey February season. Mark February 19th down in your little black book - that's the time to get mile-high (cause they're from Denver now, h'yuck) on the super drug, the best you've yet to have, The Best Of The Howling Hex.