posted December 17th, 2012

Buh...whuh? Hey, wait a...calendar...Christmas! If you're like us, it's time to start shopping for holidayz, gang! And given that the Drag City elves (orcs, atchully) are a-working around the clock (by available light, natch) for the next five days, you can still order at least one of our thousands of available items through Friday and maybe even receive it before the new year! Now, Holidayz is a special time of year for lots of different people for lots of different reasons - so why not pull out all the stops and dig deep? Not just into your pockets but into the depths of the Drag City catalog!

Sure, 2012 had it's peaks with the likes of Six Organs of Admittance, Ty Segall, OM, Blues Control, Black Bananas, Sic Alps, Sun Araw, Bonny Billy and Dirty Three poking their spiked egg-noggins through the crusty surface of upper-echelon popular consciousness- all perfect for that special someone- but maybe now's the time for a Vocokesh "Still Standing in the Same Garden" 12"EP (though we might actually prefer the Smile! And Point At the Mountain? CD) - or maybe a "Fish and Doctor" 7" from the one and only Hot Toasters! Or - ever heard of Burnout? There's still good copies of their 1993 "Multiple Attackers" EP available for your hard-to-please aunts, uncles and cousins. Or Liiminarina! Or, hold up- you can also grab a patch, or bandana, mmm'k? Something your giftee can wear with pride and for warmth through the first blustery months of 2013. Anyone with eyes will surely love some subversive lit from our book nook- really, pairing any one of these with yer standard Joanna Newsom, Silver Jews, Bill Callahan, etc., order will open up new vistas between the ears of your loved ones. And really, isn't that what Chis'mas is about after all? No? Fuck you then.