posted January 7th, 2013

Louisville's been a pipe-line of pure hot bed (hot bed of pure pipe-line?) for Drag City singers and songs and sounds for dang near decades now, some of which we've even resurrected from a time prior to our own birth (These two hands... our clay children!)! One such band bore the likes of long time DC artist-in-residence David Grubbs, as well as the the Palace-collabing and Slint foundling bros, Brian McMahon and Britt Walford (along with the man called M, "Papa" David Pajo) - yes, that's right, the seminal punk outfit, Squirrel Bait. Squirrel Bait may've been rocking out before you were born (circa '85-'87, in case you were wondering what years existed before you were born), but (visually) excitingly, they were barely outta diapers themselves when they made these tunes, from "Hammering So Hard" and "Sun God" to "Black Light Poster Child and "Too Close To the Fire."

What were they gonna do? It was the mid 80s, they were young teens in Louisville, punk rock was less than ten years old and hard rock wasn't much older and was as much fun to play as the punk shit! Nothing else to do but write some songs in the negative, expressing themselves through a refusal of rules perceived in the songs they loved and hated! What else, bookish pre-internet teenagers from the past? How about shying away from angst and transparent confession lyrically, and instead portraying hard-edged, decadent youth scenes in fictive brush-strokes, without glorifying or even explaining what they're about? Yes, and yes! Then they drowned the songs and lyrics and meanings in a cacaphony of thunderous drums, strangely indistinct guitars, and insistent power changes and choruses. Check, and mate! There's nothing to do but flip the record and drop the needle again. And now, there's no asking why - because both the self-titled EP and full-length LP, Skag Heaven, are back in print on the vinyl format for the first time in an internet generation (approximately 5 years)! Available for you, for now, as long as they're available - so get 'em from us here, now or go out and grab 'em at your local brick and mortar, horder!

Artists in this story: Squirrel Bait, David Grubbs, Papa M, PAJO