posted January 9th, 2013

Wake up, Amercia! And fall into step with OM, who've graciously baked themselves awake, smack dub in the middle of our wintery season to vibrate good news through us to you: it's metta tour time, Advaitic Songs-style, US round 2! Shouldn't come as a surprise, really - what's a heady bunch of bros to do when things get cold, dark and spooky besides cram in the van and blaze (trails, man. Trails.) their way across the western states? It's only natural, that. Just like the greater Earth Mama intended, and since OM put forth their best effort in all, especially when it comes to force-ably complying with contractually stipulated touring obligations (Drag City is a BUSINESS, yo), be confident knowing this was imminent shit! All kidding aside, what's extra dope about this tour announce is that the pitch comes with a curve: a curve by the name of Sir Richard Bishop, who'll open each show and every mind on this Febru-quarian trek. Totes tasty treat, kids - Bishop lacks tourdates for the U.S. of A. otherwise these days, so set the alarm and get to the club early, 'k?

Beyond the OM-Bish live-sperience you're still reading about here, sneak a closer peek at the merch table and dig the latest adventure in sound recording from our OMbassadors: groovy cassette versions of God Is Good and Advaitic Songs! Experience the records you love in your new-old fave format, that formidable and mysterious, CS. For the collector in you! Available as well alongside tha LP and CD versions from our web store, coming soon to a record shop near you. There you have it - OM on the go, Bishop in tow, new schwag for your bag and you're ready for the show!

2/8/13 Highline Seattle WA w/ Sir Richard Bishop
2/9/13 Doug Fir Lounge Portland OR w/ Sir Richard Bishop
2/10/13 Media Club Vancouver Canada w/ Sir Richard Bishop
2/12/13 Urban Lounge Salt Lake City UT w/ Sir Richard Bishop
2/13/13 Larimer Lounge Denver CO w/ Sir Richard Bishop
2/14/13 Sister Albuquerque NM w/ Sir Richard Bishop
2/15/13 The Crescent Ballroom Phoenix AZ w/ Sir Richard Bishop
2/16/13 Casbah San Diego CA w/ Sir Richard Bishop
2/17/13 Constellation Room Santa Ana CA w/ Sir Richard Bishop
2/18/13 Center For The Arts Eagle Rock Los Angeles CA w/ Sir Richard Bishop
2/19/13 Don Quixote's International Music Hall Santa Cruz CA w/ Sir Richard Bishop
2/20/13 The Independent San Francisco CA w/ Sir Richard Bishop

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