posted February 1st, 2013

Joanne Oldham has worked primarily in the graphics arts field over the years, and many of her painted and collaged visuals have appeared in the art of some of our favorite Bonnie 'Prince' Billy album jackets, liners and posters - perhaps you remember the quiet beauty that is Lie Down In The Light? How about the Cairo Gang-collaborative wash of 'verb surrounding Wondershow Of The World? Yep, both bear the mark of Mrs. Oldham. She's been doing this for some time now, and so it seemed like a good moment to begin the retrospective collection. Enter Sammy Harkham, contemporary comics artist, BPB artist (See I See a Darkness and Ease Down the Road, just for starters) and curator of one of the great visual arts anthologies of our day, Kramer's Ergot. He collected twenty of Joanne's most enervating pieces (in full color and black and white) as well as excerpts from her memoir, "What happened on my winter vacation." It's called, Good Morning #1, a 40-page vision from the world that has helped shape the Bonnie 'Prince' as represented on several LPs, CDs, and the like- a world unto itself, actually - and a vision well worth visiting while you wait for Bonny's Everly Bros. cover vamp with Dawn McCarthy, What The Brothers Sang, to drop! So c'mon, bring your card, and check one out of the DC library, here!

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