posted February 13th, 2013

What is Feathered Fish? It all started when artist and musical freak Jennifer Herrema, Black Bananas front-woman, approached her favorite jewelry designer, Pamela Love, about collaborating on a remake of the iconic Royal Trux skull ring. Pamela, a longtime fan of Jennifer’s and a musician herself, immediately said, hell yes! Realizing they have way more in common than just skull rings, ideas poured like wine and moonshine- too fine and too strong to let go by the wayside. These visions culminated in a partnership with Drag City to help Feathered Fish take flight, the name honoring Jennifer and Pamela's shared Pisces status and owing inspiration to a 1966 song by Arthur Lee of the psychedelic LA band, Love. Feathered Fish combines Pamela’s experience and vision, finely honed through running her eponymous jewelry line, with Jennifer’s prowess not only as rock n' royalty but also as a clothing and jewelry designer in her own right.

Feathered Fish's debut release is a re-imagining of that very Royal Trux skull ring that brought Jennifer and Pamela's heads together in the beginning. They retained the skull from the original design, added a fitting traditional tribal motif and replaced the crossbones with crossed arrows. Sure to catch the eyes of any who see it and leave quite an impression on any leering cheek-bone, the ring is made from sterling silver and limited to 40 pieces. Herrema and Love have way more than just jewelry up their sleeves. Feathered Fish will produce roughly four American-made artifacts each year, ranging from jewelry to art objects to clothing, each of a similarly limited edition. What they come out with is limited only by their imaginations and what’s legal to cross state lines. Tune in every few months to see what they come up with next, and expect a proliferation of good and bad(-ass) vibes!

Artists in this story: Royal Trux, Drag City, Black Bananas