posted February 26th, 2013

Stripped of partnerships both musical and personal, self-reliance has become more than survival technique for Scout Niblett. Arming herself with the old Rollins'-ism, "And at the end of the day, all you have left if yourself and your mind," and therefore encouraged to see her own strengths and utilize them, Scout ready to drop a storming new record, It's Up To Emma, her first long-jammer in 3 years. It's Up To Emma illuminates friction between partners, generates gradual tension, and explodes from a backdrop of darkly bruised-ego blues. Meanwhile, stars slip icily in and out of constellation mode, interpreting the chaos below from a different angle with each passing day...

It's Up To Emma stares hard at how to face the truth of being stripped of "the other." In anger or forgiveness? To resist or to accept? One way or another, the truth remains unchanged, but damn if we know the shortest path to find it. And damn if we know how to stay there. It's Up To Emma shows some of the distance there, and back again - that much we do know. Just like we know that after you check your own birth charts, and study the sky for shifting planets and new alignments, you'll find solace and strength in the new record from Scout Niblett - sure, It's Up To Emma, but it also forces you to see your own damn power when it hits, May 21st!

Artists in this story: Scout Niblett