posted February 28th, 2013

Aw, what day is it? Wednesday, Thursday maybe? F-dat noize. All we wanna see is some "Saturday," prowling around Darby Crash-like mumbling, "Gimmie gimme this, gimmie gimme that." But obvs some kinda jacked-ghostly spirit Darby, wandering into the void of some Baltimore-ian shit-house of a party, looking for a skin to inhabit, only to get curb-stomped (spirit-style) by some dude named Buck. Buck's watching a band play and having the 'gasm of his life while doing it; he ain't got time to deal with someone demanding a swig from his 40oz, you know? "Gimme a beer, dammit" over and over gets old when you're rocking the fuck out, when it's "Saturday," blazed and twitched up from something you snorted and there's girls there, and sweat's streaming 'cross everybody's skin. No place for hippy dancing, effin' hippy, unless you share your grass, first and fast!

Now everything's OK, cause you're stoned and it's "Saturday." The air is green and the sky is yellow - goes well with the band, anyway, the band doing their "Saturday" thing, freaky-styley, this thing called Dope Body, sounding like the itchy scrape of some wet candy. Saturday, all day and everyday, forever. All week long, getting the work on, getting the class on; we just want a Pepsi, mom.... just waiting for "Saturday." "Saturday" will be here soon. Everyday can be "Saturday" when the "Saturday" 7" EP drops, March 19th. Dope Body on the prowl, m'f'ers!

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