posted March 1st, 2013

OM just wrapped up another leg of touring, playing sold out shows everywhere along the western coast of North America. Sold out everywhere but Salt Lake City, that is... Lake effect? Salt poisoning? City mice? Who knows, maybe they're only into country-ass jazz.... Anywhat, the Advaitic journey simply continues: as sub-sonic hypnotics on repeat, double versions of "Addis" made dub by the infamous British duo known simply as Alpha & Omega. The "Addis" Dubplate bounces and sizzles, mantra-like, in ways you'd expect an OM track to sound - that is, if it were sampled, twisted and infinitely extended for your dub mind to share with your dub buds. Because what good is a dubbie if you can't share it with your buddies? The "Addis" Dubplate is no exception - once it thumps from your woofer and wafts from your tweeter, you'll surely realize it's nothing to bogart. The "Addis" Dubplate emerges from other vibrational dimensions to ours on March 19th, perfectly squared up in advance of OM's latest trip to foreign soil. First stop, most fittingly, are the sands of Morocco, a perfect locale for the thwomp and throbbing head nod OM are destined to bring wherever they land and bounce. To the Western Kingdom!

4/19/13 Alchemy at Zahar Festival M'Hamid El Ghizlane Morocco
5/24/13 Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona Spain
5/31/13 Optimus Primavera Sound Festival

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