posted March 4th, 2013

Couple years back, when a repress of the Drag City "Pus Head Dylan" t-shirt was made, we frantically posted regarding the strange disappearance of one red-headed flapper brave enough to don the DC T, issuing the following statement:

Warning: the Drag City T-shirt is now back in print, but don't try to get through customs wearing one - they're just too sick! We tried to warn this unlucky fellow, and look where he is now. Actually, do you know where he is? This photo was sent to us anonymously and freaked us the fuck out! Last thing Drag City needs is (more) blood on its hands! Maybe we should start a relief fund for this sad chap - if anyone knows the origins of this strangely sexy pic, please get in touch. Regardless, you can get your sticky summer mitts on a 100% cotton, full-color, official Drag City T-shirt direct from us here at the DC Bunker, while supplies - and this guy's remains - last!

Sadly, the (whole) body of the gentleman pictured was never recovered; regardless, we couldn't resist printing another batch of these fan faves, blood-hands be damned! Especially when late-night TV drummers are making a habit of stealing our very own Glaser-derived vibe to promote their autobiographies: spending all that time doing covers on Fallon yanks a lot of creativity from your soul, eh ?uestlove? That said, at least the market's cornered when it comes to banana-eating themed shirts - for those, you can lean on Drag City in bunches! Peel IN! And for the first time, we've got both shirts in stock simultaneously, fresh and styling for your spring-break shopping. Why get caught on the beach with your bikini-top exposed or your fresh-shaved man-nips trembling and erect in the new season's breeze when you can cover up while sporting something original and eye-catching for all the right reasons, this time? Get up on both sides of the coin with BOTH Drag City t-shirts - only available for as long as they last!

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