posted March 5th, 2013

Hey you little West Coasting, graveyard shiftless, couch-potatoes you (tokers and strokers, line up)! We know you saw those freaky little What The Brothers Sang adverts on cable television last week, all up in the Comedy Central, Food Network, Oprah Network ('cept in Spokane- racists!), History Channel and more. Intriguing, weren't they? Indeed, they're indicative of the latest release from Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, a batch of covers from the songbook of a coupla bros named Everly. As sweet and subliminal as this commercial message was/is, who are we to keep the general population away from the empathetic visuals set against beautiful Bon and Dawn-scape? As sure as What The Brothers Sang is meant to be heard by all, Kent Lambert's video skills should likewise be seen by everyone, and we aren't ones to discriminate. So see here! What The Brothers Sang saddles sweet, Everly Brothers harmony in a manner, and on a horse, that only Bon and Dawn can ride.

Platter served on a platter, straight from the Everly ocean of song as poured by Dawn McCarthy and Bonny Billy. Secure your copy, and a copy for your friend (but not your friend's copy) of What The Brothers Sang, today!

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