posted March 13th, 2013

The man that brought you the Apocalypse now brings you the first rays of the sweet sunshiny new spring -- yes, you read the subject line of this email correctly -- YOUR (anti)HERO, Bill Callahan, is coming soon to a venue near you! How near is up for you to determine; we're simply bearing fruits, not planting fruity trees in your own personal back yard! That would be kind of trespass-y, and when it comes to misdemeanors we're more about being verbally assaultative than we are about breaking and entering (and planting)! Besides, you don't want us in your back yard anyway, you want big bad Bill Callahan - or at least sweet William now! Where are we going with this? Oh right: Bill won't physically be anywhere near your back yard (at least not visibly, he's good at hiding), but hopefully you live close enough to the following venues in the following cities so sas to enjoy Bill's first US dates since the summer of 2011! Fuck! Where'd the last two years go anyway? Anyway, it's been long enough so that maybe Bill'll have a bunch of new tunes, which means that this tour excites the fuck-all outta us, like it probably does with you too! So dig it, and please help us spread the word on these dates like the plague, er, I mean.. like wild violets in a field! Attention, all Apocalyptic Eagle Whalehearts:

Tue. 4/30/13 @ Proud Larry's: Oxford, MS
Wed. 5/1/13 @ Exit/In: Nashville, TN
Thu. 5/2/13 @ Headliners: Louisville, KY
Fri. 5/3/13 @ Stuart's Opera House: Nelsonville, OH
Sat. 5/4/13 @ Dionysus Club (the 'Sco): Oberlin, OH
Tue. 5/7/13 @ Mojo's: Columbia, MO
Wed. 5/8/13 @ Record Bar: Kansas City, MO
Thu. 5/9/13 @ The Opolis: Norman, OK
Fri. 5/10/13 @ The Prophet Bar: Dallas, TX
Sat. 5/11/13 @ Central Presbyterian Church: Austin, TX

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