posted March 18th, 2013

Face it, for all the green types out there obsessed with minimizing their carbon footies, there's at least two more born every minute whose interests lie with collecting as much carbon as possible! We like these people, because they remind us of us, and that's always a good experience. In addition to collecting paper and plastic and other entertaining stuff that's guaranteed to clog the planet's drains in the end (but in the meantime, is awesomely enjoyable, and isn't going anywhere near the drain anytime soon), we at Drag City collect artists, which seems harmless (particularly if you don't look at it as some weird kind of people-owning-people thing, which it only is if you consider it in reverse). Harmless? Fuck, it's awesome! For each person, or as we call them, artist, we get an ever-growing sub-collection of timeless expressions - or as we call them, LPs, CDs, books, DVDs, posters and yeah, sometimes just a t-shirt. It's because of this awesome habit that we're fully prepared to turn this planet Korine with loads of nutty, stupid things to tie in with the national rollout of the latest Harmony Korine movie, the James Franco-Selena Gomez-Ashley Hudgens action flick, Spring Breakers.

A pulp-chocked Florida noir featuring a team of girls gone wild at Spring Break, Spring Breakers forges Korine's envisagement of new weird America into a decidedly mainstream context without loosing the mucus and grime of his earlier stuff. Mainlining it just enables the film to have the biggest per-theater average this coming weekend, anyway. But who cares about all that? If you're turning Korine for the first time and feeling the need to plunge in all the way up to your soft bits, we got a trunkful of goodies to lay upon you, check it out! Like for instance, DVDs and soundtrack CDs for his last movie, Trash Humpers, all of which come packaged with a bit of hair and some unfortunate bit of something wiped, and dried out, included. You can even get a Trash Humpers official release poster! Unfortunately, these are all completely clean. IF you want something marked up, you could drop big dough for one of the last few copies of The Complete Fanzines box, which replicates his 90s-era art-house zine collection and comes in a nice signed box. Korine graphics that that you can look at reading-style, it's something different. Then it's back to sounds of movies with the Mister Lonely Soundtrack, available for the first time in years on LP once again! This OST features the music of J. Spaceman as well as the late, lamented Sun City Girls and even a bit of a capella action from Rachel Korine!

And starting tomorrow ('cause today just ain't good enough), we're gonna bring back to you Harmony's surrealist-Hollywood manifesto novel, A Crack-up at the Race Riots. This first came out in the Gummo-era and hasn't been available forever. And if all that isn't enough and you want to hear the voice of the man himself, we suggest Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's Ease Down the Road, which features a cameo from Harmony that conveys all the joy and sorrow in his work in one eff-laden line! It's not easy being Korine - but it sure does pay dividends to have him in our stable! But some slices for your home spread, right here right now.

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