posted March 21st, 2013

Anticipating the parallel track of a solo existence rolling next to the formidable bahn of Sic Alps, singer Mike Donovan's got an l'art event under his own pre-Sic name way out in the un-cozy confines of SFCA coming up in just a minute here. Of course, the Bay area is stomping-grounds for Sic Alps and all who travel with 'em, so the photos and drawings that Mike's got on display will likely resonate with the stoners, junkies and dropouts (as well as all the law-abiding post-silicon wiki-yuppies walking around and raising the price of the air itself by the minute, god-damn it!). And hey, the opening of "BONGOS EXACT" features Sic alumnus Noel Von Harmonson (along with Life Coach) as a musical arttraction, so what's up!?! Should be a sweet event and certainly a nice place to get your wine on, since you're gonna be down in the Tenderloin anyway. It's all a-happening at the hippie-go-funky olde clothing shoppe Vacation, home to four separate categories of Vintage wear (True, Modern, Designer and original, natch) as well as a destination spot for happening artworks displays, as if you didn't already know! While killing time until the next Sic Alps songs-work ("She's On Top" 12"EP, dropping on May 21st, bitches!), check out Mike Donovan's eye-works. "BONGOS EXACT", Bay fulkes!

Photographs and Drawings by Mike Donovan
Opening MARCH 22nd @ Vacation

651 Larkin st SF CA

w/ special musical guests Life Coach and Noel Von Harmonson

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