posted May 13th, 2013

Hey batter, hey batter! It's Up To Emma is in the lineup of New Drag City releases today - and in fact, Scout's on deck and approaching the plate! This is the Scout Niblett you know and love and have all waited for - new, nude and rude (a state of mind, people - clothes are mostly ON, as are the new, nude and rude perfomances) plus intimate and familiar, to boot. Like a dress or a gown that's trans-formative yet lives in the depths of your own dang closet, or a case of road rage you just can't shake. Don't we all simply wish to jump out of our own skin and into the flesh of someone else, the "other?" Our mind is a straight up cold-blooded animal brain, while our outward presentation assumes warm, romance-novel fantasy style. Of course. It doesn't all add up to that we're actually packing heat, but the potential to do so is right there, hidden betwixt the seams of our reptilian innards and our projected identity. It's never more apparent than when we challenge our own realities. Scout Niblett knows, and so it is with her video for the first single off It's Up To Emma, "Gun." Feturing the return of the wig, Scout-heads, back in black! Get inside to get outside, like a good Scout: watch "Gun," and let us remind you of the impending Scout Niblett tour of Europe.

5/31/13 Maifeld Derby Festival Mannheim Germany
6/1/13 Kampnagel Hamburg Germany
6/3/13 Volksbühne Berlin Germany
6/4/13 Steinbruch Duisburg Germany
6/5/13 Manufaktur Schorndorf Germany
6/6/13 Le Botanique Brussels Belgium
6/8/13 Point Ephémère Paris France Radio Campus Anniversary
6/9/13 Museum Ludwig Cologne Germany
6/11/13 Strom Munich Germany
6/12/13 Chelsea Vienna Austria
6/13/13 Postgarage Graz Austria
6/14/13 Die Backerei Innsbruck Austria
6/15/13 B Sides Festival Luzern Switzerland
6/17/13 La Péniche Lille France
6/18/13 Corsica Studios London United Kingdom
6/19/13 Buffalo Bar Cardiff United Kingdom
6/20/13 Brudenell Social Club Leeds United Kingdom
6/21/13 Broadcast Glasgow United Kingdom
6/22/13 Sticky Mike's Brighton United Kingdom
6/24/13 Cafe Wagner Jena Germany
6/26/13 Lilla Hotellbaren Stockholm Sweden
6/27/13 Gut Feelings Festival Oslo Norway

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